WaC (this logo is not official)

WaC - Workers as a collectiveEdit

WaC is one of the oldest clans in RTB. Leader of clan is Offkät.

Where it all startedEdit

Nobody doesn't remember when was WaC come into the RTB. However, Offkät made it some years ago and fast, he get members into it. First WaC name was Cofiar, but it changed and new name was CoA (Coalition of Architecture). It get members more and quick! After month, CoA was biggest clan in year/years '07, '08 or '09.

CoA -clan doesn't recruit noobs in clan, but sometimes it take in one noob and try to train them. Usually, players we're good and Offkät himself trained some players to come more better builders. For example he trained players: RiFi, Spec and x45, they are in RTB still =).

But then something really strange happened: Offkät demoted all: Pro players, good players, everyone! Players thought that CoA was dead, but it was not. Suddendly, Offkät changed his clan tag (CoA) to [WaC] and started recruiting. CoA was not dead it just changed name and Offkät just cleared it and started everything again with new table. He started recruiting players, but he did recruit anymore anyone. Only this kind of players was welcome to join WaC and are still: Friendly, pro -or good builders, activity players. No, it doesn't mean that you should be that all. It is just enought that you we're good friend to Offkät and you know something at building and you was active player: you don't come to play just one time of year, often. Not every day, but you should be active, these was the recruiting rules.