A Polish builder, who started playing RTB at 2009...

Searching for nice alternative of the "newest" Blockland, he found an article about RTB on internet site...

He downloaded it, and says: - Kinda nice, I see something similar to Blockland, and he started playing...

First feelings were very good, he started building a little house, then a mansion, and other buildings. And he builded entire city, maybe not big, but in some way neat ;)

As I wrote earlier, I'm from Poland, I know basics of the English language, and I can talk with others, using English language, sometimes I make grammar mistakes, but forgive me, I'm still learning...

My nickname in Polish language means The Mr. Herbalist, combine these with weed, and you get the entire result :)

Some of people thinks, that my nickname means the Frying pan combined with lazorz (the " Zielarz " part), I'm not pissing off from that thing, and I'm saying: - "Just call me TPZ", or "My nickname isn't meaning Pan. It's The Mr. Herbalist"

In building I'm good, but not a Pro. I know the basics, how to use editor wand and those other stuff, my friends in RTB are:

- Android (yes, we met at my server)

- Vash

- KinioPL

- ArtiX_PL_ (it's my cousin, tee-hee)

And others, that I don't remember they nicknames :(

Last time I started playing TOB (The Orange Block) also. I'm glad of this :)

What I hate:

noobs, but I'm trying to help them

snoobs (grrr...)

pinking, but sometimes it's fun

Trolls ;)