Sephiroth's Minifig 2008


Sephiroth started playing Blockland in the early months of 2005. He found RTB in the spring of 2006 and honed his skills while having many adventures with the community, especially during the release of Retail, through the chaos of the rapid loss of members. He was involved with massive drama from 2008~2012 and was criticized and supported by many. He played all of the offshoots of 0002, such as Retail, TBM, RTB, SFM, etc. This was more than enough to help stigmatize him as he was very active in all of the communities.

He used the name Ganon in his early years.


Sephiroth was a very notable player in the 2007~2012 era of Blockland as he rose to fame and infamy in the 0002 community in the late 2000s. On retail, he was banned dozens of times for trolling and stirring up drama. He hosted sites and downloads for RTB since 2006 which have collectively garnered over a hundred thousand views He is the obvious host of the SephRTBMods website, which exists as the sole remaining active RTB community.

Sephiroth was a popular and likable little shithead back in 2006~2008 and had many friends because of it. However, when he hit age 13, like the rest of us, he acted like a moronic and immature twat which caused the community to begin to hate him. Although no longer ban on sight, most members of TOB or AndoRTB are disturbed or molested by the mere mention of his name.

Outside of Blockland, Sephiroth was extremely active on other corners of the internet, such as YouTube, where his channels usually had up to a few thousand subscribers. He is also an administrator of a very notable wiki besides this one, but you'll find out which one that is one of these days.


Sephiroth's popularity grew steadily in late 2007 when the playerbase was dropping. He game fame from his polite behaviors in early 2008 and gained the favor of many people. After being trolled he acted psychotically and lost much of the respect he gained. He slowly regained it back from specific people but has grown very inactive since 2010 and thusly only veterans remember him.


Sephiroth is most popular for creating maps. He has created over 30 maps to date. He used to be a great builder with unique styles but his talent has slowly wasted away from inactivity.