Scripting is a way of using scripts to add functions to Return to Blockland. Scripting in general is very hard, but torque scripting is overall easier than normal. Scripting can get more difficult depending on how complex you want to make something. On this page, you can find tutorials, information, and history for scripting.

Information Edit

RTB may be a fun game, but what makes it better?  SCRIPTS! Weapons, items, vehicles, and more can be made with this process . SpiderNinja is probably the leading player when it comes to Scripting.

Small Tutorials Edit

Please note that these tutorials depend on your version of RTB, this tutorial is for RTB 1.405 and Bac's Pack. Various other versions may work, but haven't been tested yet. The first things you need to know to become a scripter are very simple. Scripting comes in many forms, such as customizing, weapon scripting, code mapping, modifications, and many more. RTB is scripted using Torque Game Engine.

Customizing Edit

Customizing the most simple form of scripting, as it only requires little work, and basic computer knowledge. Customizing is when you edit a file so that you may name it how you want, or change values. This is one of the ways that you can personalize your RTB folder.

The first thing you need to know, is that RTB is made up of a main script that accesses other files. This script is called Main.cs. Main.cs looks for other files such as maps, images, or weapons. Maps are all stored in a single folder called "missions". The missions folder is located in the file path "rtb/data/missions/" This folder contains map files (.mis), saved games (.persistence), terrain files (.ter), and pictures (.jpg, .png, etc.).

To start customizing, a .mis file must be opened with a word program like "Microsoft Office Word", or "Notepad". Once opened, there are many lines of text upon which the game recognizes as a map. If you wish to rename a map, look for text that says: name = "XXXX";. The XXXX is replaced with the name of the map. Change the name in the quotations to anything you want.

Weapon Scripting Edit

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Code Mapping Edit

Mapping Edit