RTB Christmas Party 2008 (Photographed by Grims)

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Welcome to the RTB Encyclopedia. Contrary to popular belief, Return to Blockland is not just an add-on for Retail Blockland. It started out as a full-fledged offshoot of the original Vanilla Blockland. Here, we give information about mods, secrets, players, tutorials, clans, and anything else relating to 0002. Please join the Wiki, contribute, and sign your posts/discussions with your username. Please read the rules section below, and please populate the wiki with many photos and topics. Thank you. This Wiki was made by the community of RTB 1.045, and it was not created or endorsed by the staff of RTB. Happy building :D

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1. No hate speech, flaming, trolling, etc.

2. No spamming or false information.

3. Only players and admins can edit their own player page.

4. Use common sense and be excellent to eachother.

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