RTB was originally a modification of Vanilla Blockland. It was originally started by a person by the name 'Digi', but was continued on by Ephialtes, Mocheeze, ReD_eYe, and others. Unlike the original vanilla blockland, it has a lot more features. Such includes: The Editor Wand, 200 Bricks, Colors, and maps. Originally, it didnt have the EW, and the graphics were a lot different. You can download RTB 1.045 here


Return to Blockland has many features. These include:

  • It's Open-Source. You can modify whatever you want and the good part: It's easy.
  • 14 maps, perfect for your building needs.
  • Hundreds of bricks, all separated for you.
  • FX Particles (You can add some FX bricks to your builds)
  • The Editor Wand. Now you can make bricks how big you want them to.


RTB all started by a dude by the name of 'Digi'. It started out okay, but then Ephi and others took over. They added a lot of features, and in 2005 released RTB 1.01. Then they started adding more features and made versions '1.014-1.023-1.032-1.041' and then they made 'RTB 1.045' by 2006. When badspot was working on Retail blockland, they decided they were going to relax. Then by 2007 when Retail Blockland released, ephialtes decided to make RTB an add-on for RBL. There was no more updates for RTB. But if there was, they would of made 'RTB 1.05' which would fix a lot of glitches and make the 'Best Builders Mod' usable. Another part is that RTB originally had a lot of players. [ Look here, for an example. ]


Currently in RTB, the player count is low. There are less than 20 servers hosted each day (and only 3-4 are good). With the release of TBG everyone thought it would become popular, but it just ended up failing.