Hevan is a member of RTB since 2008(ish) although he is not quite the most skillful builder.
Hevan Minifig

Hevan's Minifig

He knows the basics of building such as using an EW and Custom Shifting.

Forum ActivityEdit

Hevan is an Active member & a Global Moderator in the AndoRTB.


A friend of Hevan, found this game at about 2007, and reccomended him to join.

Hevan's friend quitted RTB because it bored him quickly, although Hevan continued to play RTB.

Hevan was a bad builder, but in the first week of his gaming, he was taught how to use the Editor Wand by Play<3Girl.


Hevan's avatar in AndoRTB

Soon after he downloaded Bac's Pack, and understood custom shifting.

Hevan joined the Clan LB, made by Sky (Redninja), but after a week or so, he quitted LB due to dislikeness of Sky (Redninja).

After about a month or two of gaming, he played on an RP server, and met Android.

Android allowed Hevan in his clan BG after seeing his Building, afterwards Hevan became good friends with Android

At the forth month, Hevan took a long break from RTB, and started playing games such as Team Fortress 2, Half life 2, and other FPS games.

After a while of playing those games, Hevan Returned to RTB, and became a much more active member of the community then he used to be.

Nowdays, Hevan is a Global Moderator in the unoffical forum of RTB - AndoRTB, although he's building skills have not improved...