Falco's duckhall!

Photographer: Offkät (Notice chat!)

Everybody should know Falco's duckhall. It is one of coolest and famous and maybe most interesting place what can you find in the whole RTB game. Many old player have step in this hall, it should be holy. (Scroll down to see listed ducks from players)

Hall architectureEdit

Hall architecture was boring. When walls doesn't groiwn anymore, black-grey walls started, which is something nicer than grey walls in hall. Later Coyaxochi builded floor and statue. Do not forget ducks! They're part of hall architecture too and this hall is very beauty!

Ducks & playersEdit

You can find these players ducks in Falco's duckhall:

- Coyaxochi (Nowadays, Offkät)

- RedNinja

- Thunderstorm

- Builder

- Hottman

- Brandon

- Documents

Photographing and editing by Offkät

- SpiderNinja


- Red Alpha

- Dragoon

- Block

- (V) Vecha X

- Blood Soul (Fang)

- Sigfig

- Shin

- Falco

- Android

- Master Creator

- Lorum Ipsum

- Pielikey

- ExGratia

- Grims

- Marqui

- Cartman

- Sephiroth (Yeah, mine was there but was deleted. I made it dirty. That's why.)

- Maybe players Spectator & (Din) (NS) Joey's ducks

- By the way, if you wanna see or want picture of you duck contact Offkät or Falco, one of them or maybe both give pickture of you duck to you =). dude dammit! it's Picture not Pickture.