Corrupted/Korrupted Edit

A half AZN RTB player who still lives in Asia, his latency to all if not most servers are pretty crappy, ranging from as low as 278 during mornings, 500~ during middays.

His server is unreachable unless you're in an Asian country, but he used to be able to host properly.

Talents, or lack of Edit

Building- Skilled mostly in building with a futuristic, modern or rarely medieval style, he includes a lot of detail up to the point where it becomes spam and lags the entire server, bringing the host to his knees. Rarely builds on other servers because of his ping and even then it is rare of him to even build on his own server.

Scripting- Started out scripting weapons then moved onto more complicated weapons and eventually onto AI. His main scripting project was ZDM (Something about Zombies), but he decided to eventually break it up into a sort of mod pack for RTB.

Modeling- Can't model for his life or bagels.

Mapping- Has map a few good/average maps and a few high quality but damn laggy ones, sometimes uses resources from the GarageGames website and other places

Origin of name Edit

During many of his early builds, his saves sometimes got corrupted (Brick loss, doubling, etc), with some being in excess of 200,000 bricks big. He later changed the first letter to a 'K' out of utter boredom.

Interests Edit

Scripting projects, normally gets bored quickly.