Bleh7777 was a legendary player who created massive amounts of scripts and mods which soared him to popularity. These mods are still used to this day, although their creator is nothing but a lost legend now.

In early 2007, he begun work on a project called "Blockheads Unite" but cancelled it because of Retail. There was a lot of drama between him and RTB staff such as Mocheeze, eventually resulting in him quitting. This drama was due to the way scripts were handled in Retail, along with the loss of Open-Source programming, meaning that to code for the new Blockland would be radically different and lesser compared to the original. Due to his immense notability, there have been many imposters.

Bleh7777 briefly returned to the scene of Blockland in 2009 after being contacted by Sephiroth. Bleh7777 popped up on Cemetech to pitch interest in assisting with TBG. He hasn't been heard from since.

Bleh7777 hosted a popular site which featured his mods, community news, a (now deceased) forum, and more. He featured Sephiroth's site on the front page after 2009. A few years later, went offline, but the site still exists due to being made on google pages. You can still find his website here.